Description Edit

Breeze that Glides Through Summer is a sleek golden brown she-cat with striking green eyes and a cream underbelly. Her pelt is one of a Bengal, like Leopardstar.

Personality Edit

She is a fun, impatient, caring, fabulous cat that loves everything about BlogClan. Breeze likes to talk a lot about random things and is friendly to pretty much anyone She's a really serious fangirl of the Lunar Chronicles, Teen Titans, Harry Potter, Septimus Heap, and more! Sometimes Breeze enjoys being mysterious, using exclamation points and... EMOJIS! Breeze that Glides Through Summer tries her best at actually writing or drawing something, but she usually forgets about it or decides not to do it because she's feeling lazy.

On the Blog Edit

Breeze has usually been active as much as she can for the six months she's been on Blogclan. She tries to comment everywhere, which is weird. Her favorite parts are the fangirling page(or Fandom page), Fan Names, Generators, FFs, and the Tavern. Right now she's trying to comment and go on the chat every day. She considers herself to be friends with most people on the blog, such as Wavey, Sunny, Icy, Frost, Goldie, Owl,Stoat, Flo, Map, Wollow, and more! (Feel free to add yourself to the list if you want! :D )

On the Wiki Edit

Breeze that Glides Through Summer has joined the wiki for 4 months or something like that. She hopes to become a dedicated member so she can help out and stuff. Breeze can found on the chat or reading people's articles and commenting about random stuff.